The Luskin Center for History and Policy is pleased to announce the Inaugural Class of Luskin Center Innovation Fellows for 2017-2018, following submissions from a highly competitive pool. Twenty-six proposals were received from the departments of History, Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, Urban Planning and the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at UCLA. Innovation Fellows are awarded grant money to conduct relevant research concerning the application of history and academic research to public policy, or to teach a unique course that explores the same intersection.

Inaugural Class of Luskin Center Innovation Fellows

  • Molly Fee (Department of Sociology): “Of Special Humanitarian Concern: Historicizing 21st Century Refugee Selection Policy in the U.S.” (Research Proposal)
  • Tobias Higbie (Department of History): “What History Can Tell Us about Labor Policy and Social Movement Strategy in the Trump Era.” (Research Proposal)
  • Paul Ong (Luskin School of Public Affairs): “Uncertain Progress: South LA Since the 1968 Kerner Commission Report.” (Research Proposal)
  • Tyler Reny (Department of Political Science): “The Right to Discriminate: The Second Great Migration and Racial Threat in the 1964 Election.” (Research Proposal)
  • Sarah T. Roberts (GSEIS): “Broadening the Longview on Commercial Content Moderation: History and Policy of Internet Mediation.” (Research Proposal)
  • David Stein (Department of African American Studies, Department of History): “The Question of Reparations: Histories of Racism, Inequality, and Public Policy.” (Course Proposal)
  • Bin Wong (Department of History): “Water Governance: Economic and Environmental Policy Making in China, E.U., and U.S.” (Research Proposal)