Class of Luskin Center Innovation Fellows for 2018-2019

The UCLA Luskin Center for History and Policy is pleased to announce its next class of Luskin Innovation Fellows for 2018-2019. The Luskin Center is one of the first institutions of its kind in the nation to bring together in-depth historical research and cutting-edge policy analysis.

The Luskin Innovation Fellowships for 2018-2019 have been awarded to research teams comprised of UCLA faculty and graduate students. Two Innovation Fellowship teams were selected this year from a pool of very strong candidates. These research teams are awarded funds to conduct collaborative research that will bring historical analysis to bear on specific issues of contemporary relevance. The teams are specifically asked to produce historical and policy analysis that will aim to solve the contemporary issue they have identified.

Innovation Fellowship teams for 2018-2019 will address a range of national and international problems. The winning teams are:

Developing a New Approach to Migration and Policy-Making in Africa

This team will explore a new approach to migration policy in Africa that takes into account the needs of Africans and African countries. Click here to read about this project and the project members.

Healthcare Rationing and the Ethnic Boundaries of Indigenous People: The Making of Californian Indians, the Ainus, and the Manchu People

The second group will investigate historical examples of state healthcare for indigenous groups in China, Japan, and California with an eye toward the problem of uneven and unequal healthcare for contemporary indigenous peoples. Click here to read about this project and the project members.