Where we study change to make change

The UCLA Luskin Center for History and Policy was founded in 2017 through a generous gift from Meyer and Renee Luskin. Its mission is to bring vital historical knowledge, perspective, and analysis to bear on key contemporary issues and policy deliberations.

LCHP is the first academic center on the West Coast focused on bringing historical knowledge and perspective to bear on policy deliberations. In the words of Meyer Luskin, “The best way to choose the path to the future is to know the roads that brought us to the present.”

LCHP pursues its mission by:

  1. Promoting history as a central tool of informed public debate;
  2. Training students and scholars to apply historical research to key  present-day questions;
  3. Conducting influential research that models a new form of historically grounded policy analysis.

We invite you to join us in making the past both present and public.