LCHP Summer Research Opportunities

1. Summer Research Institute

The UCLA Luskin Center for History and Policy (LCHP) invites applications from undergraduate and graduate students interested in acquiring important research skills in the new LCHP Summer Research Institute. This Research Institute is intended for students who:

  • are interested in learning more about history and related research methods;
  • want to use their historical knowledge to understand the present better;
  • are contemplating graduate school in history and related fields, or are in graduate school and would like specialized research training;
  • are interested in a paid fellowship on a LCHP research team.

What: The LCHP Summer Institute is a 3-day immersive educational program that offers intensive exposure to students in both historical research and policy analysis.  Students will learn how to make responsible use of the past to shed light on the present and craft alternative paths for the future. 

Topics will include:

  • Historical research methods
  • Archival and library research
  • Policy research
  • Data analysis
  • Translating research for media and policy impact

Students will receive a certificate at the completion of the training program and will also become eligible to become LCHP Student Research Fellows in the future. This program is free for UCLA students.

When: Monday June 21-Wednesday June 23

Where: The Summer Institute will take place virtually on Zoom.

Who: Applicants who are full time students (undergraduate or graduate) during the Summer and Fall of 2021 will be given preference. Applicants do not need to be enrolled in summer coursework in order to be eligible to apply.

2. LCHP Summer Research Fellows

The UCLA Luskin Center for History and Policy (LCHP) also invites applications from undergraduate and graduate students to be paid student research fellows for Summer 2021. Research Fellows will conduct original research on one of three topics (listed below), for between 5-10 hours/week. Positions are paid, and spots are limited.

Please note: Participation in the Summer Research Institute is required for all new Summer Research Fellows.

  1. The Legacy of Race and Racism at UCLA. This project focuses on the lives of African American students on campus from the first years of the university, highlighting exceptional individuals, newly ingrained bias, structural obstacles, and moments of protest and uprising. In tracing this history, the project seeks to understand what steps should UCLA take to make it more just and equitable institution.
  2. How Does UCLA Respond to Economic Crisis? This project seeks to understand how UCLA, and the larger UC system, responded to past crises, especially the 2008-09 recession. It focuses on the relationship between UCLA and the centralized UC administration, the decision-making and communications of UCLA administrators, the interaction among administration, faculty, staff, and students, and the lingering institutional and intellectual effects of decision-making.
  3. The Challenge of Governing Los Angeles: This team will be examining the historical roots of Los Angeles’ current system of governance and the persistent challenges of governing effectively. The Progressive Movement changed California government and politics a century ago, dispersing power and elevating the role of professional managers and citizen commissioners. These changes solved one set of problems, but did they create another? Does the existence of separate City and County governments lead to duplication and tension?

How to Apply

Apply for the Summer Research Institute and/or the Summer Research Fellowship at this link by 12pm PST on Monday, May 24, 2021. All applicants will be asked to upload their resume/CV. Applicants for the student research fellowship will be asked to also upload a statement of interest. 

We will be holding an info session to answer any questions on Wednesday, May 12 at 5pm PST. Register to attend the session at this link.

Watch the recording:

For more information, please contact Maia Ferdman, Assistant Director of LCHP, at

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