Call for Proposals 2020-21

For academic year 2020-21, the Luskin Center for History and Policy is inviting proposals for innovative research or creative projects that make an explicit connection between past and present. Successful research projects should have three defining qualities:

  1. They bring historical analysis to bear on issues of contemporary relevance (including and especially the COVID-19 crisis);
  2. They aim to contribute to solving an identifiable modern problem; and
  3. They are collaborative in nature. Research teams should include at least two members.

In line with the Luskin Center’s mission, the outcome of the Luskin Center grant should be a paper that includes both a substantial historical basis and recommendations for the present or future.

This year we are adding a new category for consideration: artistic or creative projects that make use of historical themes and motifs and have a decidedly public-facing quality.  For example, works of art, literature or memorialization, or a project connected to the public display of historical knowledge, will be considered.

Proposals that include faculty members or graduate students from the UCLA History Department are particularly encouraged. Successful Fellows are expected to participate in Luskin Center workshops and activities, as well as an opening orientation session at the beginning of academic year 2020-21.

Please submit a proposal of no longer than 3 single space pages that defines what problem the project seeks to address, who the team members are, how history adds value to the analysis, and gives a sense of who the intended audience is. Proposals should also include an additional budget page that reflects the costs to be incurred in the course of research.

If graduate students are part of a team proposal and are to receive financial support, please be sure to add in the budget the payment to the student in the form of a Graduate Student Researcher salary payment (e.g. approximate numbers of hours or percent of hire, duration, and projected amount of pay including fees and fringe benefits if applicable).

Grants will range between $10,000-$20,000.

Proposals are due via email to by Monday June 22, 2020.

Please direct any questions about the above to

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